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tv   News Nation  MSNBC  July 23, 2014 8:00am-9:01am PDT

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injured. those numbers have been varying slightly as news comes out. in terms of a plane it was a 70c turbo prop. it's a taiwan-based airline. that's all we know right now. as said, it's late there. and information and pictures only just beginning to come out. >> all right. thank you. and developing in the past hour, an emotional scene as the first bodies of the victims on board malaysian flight 17 arrived in the netherlands nearly a week after the plane was shot down. family members were joined by the dutch prime minister, king, and queen. as they watched dozen of soldiers slowly carry each casket off the plane and into a row of hearses waiting nearby. as that emotional seen played out, ukrainian officials confirmed two of their jets were shot down this morning.
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separatist leaders are claiming responsibility even posting a video online appearing to show a jet burning on the ground. we should note the video hasn't been verified by nbc news. now we go to the netherlands. keira simons is live on the phone from southeastern you yuk. many family members there as well in addition to leaders present. that scene is remarkable. something you cannot forget seeing. >> remarkable is an understatement. what the dutch are doing with the bodies 40 bodies are on the planes. they're going to be given individual coffins, individual hearses, and they're being essentially given back some of the dignity that they didn't have when they were, you know, left in that field in ukraine. so what you're seeing is a emotional ceremony. a lot of poise to the ceremony. it's on a military base, and soldiers are carrying the bodies out. they want to stress this is not
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a military ceremony. they understand these are civilians. they are civilians from other countries. and they also respect that some of these victims may not have agreed with the military period. they want to make sure they're really giving respect to everybody that was on board the plane. also, here, as you said family members. about a thousand family members behind a black curtain. we're not able to film them. given some privacy as well as they grieve. the first set of hearses has already left. it's on its way to another military facility where the process of identification will take place. depending on the condition of the bodies, that could take days, weeks, en months. family members and relatives have been asked to help create a profile of their lost loved one. photographs showing what their jaw line was like. do they have any identifying marks, any birthmarks, any tattoos. anything that would further help them identify the remains in a quick manner.
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the goal right now is return the bodies to the family members as quickly as they possibly can. they realize they've done just a tremendous amount of grieving. they want to make this final stage, this identification stage as painless as they possibly can. so that people can have some closure. they can have funerals and remember their loved ones as best they can. tamron? >> one family, an australian family who lost three small children in the crash released a statement. i know, you're aware of it. it said in part no one deserves what we're going through. not even the people who shot our whole family out of the sky. no hate in the world is as strong as the love we have for our children. for moe, evie, for otis. katie, as i understand it, the monitors that are in ukraine stressed there are still remains at the site and some likely buried in the wreckage. we don't know how many remains were brought to your location to where you are, right?
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>> oh, no. we do there's 40 bodies that were on these two cargo planes. there's 298 passengers on board the plane or victims on board the plane. there's quite a number in ukraine. but, yeah, there's still body parts, there are bodies unaccounted for. i know, there was word initially that 280 or so were on that refrigerated car, but dutch officials and malaysian officials took a look and found it was 200 or so bodies. so there's quite a few unaccounted for. and remember these family members are here, they're grieving, certainly. to add insult to injury, they have no idea if their loved ones on the two planes. they can only hope that their loved ones are the going to be beginning to be identified quickly. if they're not dutch citizens, if they find out these victims are, you know, from malaysia or australia or any countries involved in this, they'll be immediately repatrioted. i want to note you're seeing the
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flags behind me. they're at half-staff. those are the flags of the countries from all the victims that were on board that tragic plane. >> all right. thank you very much. and turning now to the crisis in the mideast. secretary of state john kerry arrived in the middle east earlier this week. right now he's sitting down with israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu. after a meeting the secretary emphasized the urgency of his mission. >> we're doing this for one simple reason. and the people in the palestinian territories, the people in israel are all living under the threat or reality of immediate violence. >> meanwhile the number of people killed in the battle between israel and hamas in gaza continues to rise.
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35 people in gaza were killed today. two israeli soldiers were killed yesterday. an emotional scene in gaza as a medical team found a 24-year-old woman who had been buried under the debris of her home for days, two days. the woman is struggling to survive. a doctor told nbc that the woman's entire family was killed. nbc martin fletcher is in tel-aviv right now, and, martin, give us a little bit more detail, at least, on secretary kerry's visit an the expectations there >>well, expectations, unfortunately, not very high, tamron. care i have kerry is in town. he's meeting with israeli prime minister netanyahu, and kerry said he's making progress, but there's a lot more work to be done. not too sure what that means at this stage. definitely hamas and israel are wide apart in what they want in their conditions.
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and the tragic scenes that you described earlier in gaza, if anything spreading. israel has been attacking the northern areas of gaza very intensely. ever since the ground invasion began. now that attack has moved -- in addition to the north, is also taking place in the south. especial especially in the area in town where it's believed there are more tunnels dug by hamas from gaza to israel. intense fighting. eyes on potential progress toward a ceasefire but not much hope, unfortunately, at the moment. it's the only game in town. kerry's attempts at reaching a truce agreement. >> martin, we know that secretary kerry lived via military aircraft, and the faa yesterday barred u.s. commercial flights from landing at the airport due to the concerns there. we know that some israeli officials feel that is an over
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reach or over reaction here. what is the latest? >> well, israel was upset with the faa decision, which of course, lead to a domino effect of the european airlines, about a dozen european airlines in addition to the american airlines stopped flying into the airport. the reaction here from the government, anyway, was short and sharp. they said don't reward terror. they appeal to the rank of the administration and the faa to overrule that ruling. it was only for 24-hours. that 24-hours coming up very shortly. israel has been applying pressure trying to get the ban overturned. meanwhile, for instance, the german airline has said after their 24-hours of banning flights they will continue the ban another 24-hours then reassess. israel is feeling isolated and under pressure. it's only got one international airport. with the foreign airlines not flying in, there's a huge crush
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of people waiting to get out. others are trying to get in. mainly it's a sipsychological impact and economic one. it makes israel feel more isolated than it is. and of course, economically, the whole fighting is taking place at the worst possible time for the tour resist season which is a major part of the economy. it's collapsed. no one is coming in. few people able to get out even. it's a major impact on israel. of course, it pales in comparison to the impact on the palestinians in gaza and that humanitarian disaster down there is sharpening the focus of the peace talks of secretary of state kerry. >> all right, martin fletcher. thank you very much. we me now is a regular, obviously, on our program discussing middle east. bobby, to martin's point the health ministry in gaza said the death toll is 666 people.
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35 killed today. more than 42 humanitarian crisis there. kerry met with netanyahu. what do you believe is going to be the key in getting this deal secured for kerry? >> well, to begin with talking. kerry is doing the best he can in trying to get people to talk to each other. perhaps they will speak either through intermediariy ies or one telephone. it can only have some effect. ultimately it's the question of who can speak for hamas and to hamas. the egyptians clearly not interested. they have made some half hearted attempt. israel is not interested in talking to hamas right now. it's a good thing that conversations are taking place, but the ones that need to happen for the shooting to stop, those conversations are somewhere down the road. >> which is discouraging for
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many reasons. going back to the massive loss of life in gaza. you heard in martin's report how israel feels isolated. the economy now affected by this greatly. won't these two or shouldn't the major factors. the first being the loss of life press this forward fast ensure. >> it should and it probably is. you're seeing reports now of many israeli agencies that are putting pressure ngo's that are putting pressure on the israeli government to stop the bombing and bring the soldiers back. and the death of soldiers will have an impact on israeli society as well. >> and to your point, i should remind you. two israeli soldiers were killed yesterday. >> killed yesterday. and these are things that will have an impact on israel. but ultimately, the question is can hamas be brought to the table? and there's nobody, so far, has shown a way for it to happen. >> hamas has been specific on what it wants brought to the
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table. >> and pratt much everybody else is saying so you to stop shooting and stop the conversation. hamas is saying we won't stop the conversation until you guarantee these things are on offer. that position has not changed despite the violence. despite the fact i saw a report just before came on here one child has died every hour for the last 48-hours. and just astonishing number. it has not changed the positions of the protagonists, unfortunately. >> thank you very much. we greatly appreciate you joining us. tonight a funeral will be held for the new york man who died during an arrest that was caught on camera. >> i can't breathe! i can't breathe. >> what eric garner's family says they will do now. and up next i'll talk live with the reverend al sharpton who will speak at the funeral. and we'll talk with the man who
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recorded this video that sparked national outrage. plus, the democrat running for governor in arkansas is responding to a horrific domestic violence case within a vicious plan of his own. mike ross will join me live from a state that ranks among the worst when it comes to violence against women. plus, a security breech in the world famous brooklyn bridge with camera and security all over the historic site. how did someone or a couple of people scale to the top? we'll have a live report on the new security concerns. join our conversation online. you can find me @"newsnation." and my team is at "newsnation." i'm at tamron hall. ♪ start a team.
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welcome back. a funeral will be held tonight for eric garner, that's the new
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york man whose death last week, while in police custody, sparked anger nationwide. a candle light vigil was held last night. a 43 year-old daughter fathfath. after officers attempted to arrest him for allegedly selling cigarettes on the street. a video shows one police officer putting garner in an apparent choke hold and then dragging him to the ground. garner can be heard gasping and saying i can't breathe over and over. police say garner died of an apparent cardiac arrest. pressure han mounting on the nypd commissioner yesterday ordered all 35,000 nypd officers to be retrained in the use of force. he said i hhe doesn't believe r played a part. reverend al sharpton joining me now. tonight the family and the children say goodbye to their father.
8:18 am
it's just the beginning of the investigation. as it seems, the commissioner, the mayor taking this seriously as they're moving forward here. are you confident we're going to get answers some here soon? >> i don't know. i'm confident we're going to keep the pressure on and other groups that are supportive of the family from day one. because what is so egregious about this, tamron, you're not talking about a policeman that says i thought he had a weapon and i reacted. you are talking about a policeman that knew he had no weapon, put him in an ill lee choke hold and after 11 times of him saying i can't breathe kept choking him. and others standing around doing nothing. and the emergency medical service people coming and standing around two minutes doing nothing. you have the inginge officers n
8:19 am
responding, no cpr. this is worst than whether or not he made an instinctive reaction. this is deeper than retraining. what kind of anger and rank do you keep choking a man that is begging for his life. >> the commissioner is saying it's not about race but others will say it's dehumanizing. you're an emergency worker who does nothing you have now made this person essentially nonhuman. because your role is to save a life. >> absolutely. your role is to safe a live. none of the policeman around knew what was in the guidelines? none were stepping forward. then you compounded by saying that there reports was he showed no distress. he was lifeless. what do you mean he show nod disstress. none of the other reports contradicted that. it's deeper than one press
8:20 am
conference. >> to your point the nypd internal report that was prepared after mr. garner's death it it said the perpetrator didn't appear to be in dris stress. the video -- the perpetrator's condition did not seem serious and did not appear to get worse. there's video of him being lifted lifeless. >> he was probably dead. talking about he didn't appear serious. he was probably dead or at the point of dying. i mean, so to me, it speaks to a lot here. at worse, it was reckless. at best it could have been murder or criminal negligence. all of which have to be looked at including by the federal government. when i speak at the funeral tonight, that's what i'm going to call for. >> there are people looking into the background of these officers including this officer daniel pen tell low who was seen using the choke hold. he was sued twice in the past
8:21 am
two years for alleged civil rights violations. two men claim that he and other officers stop and strip searched them in broad daylight while they were driving. the officers allegedly handcuffed the men before pulling down their pants and searching them. that's according to the lawsuit. by the way, the suit was settled out of court with each of the men receiving some $15,000 settlements. the second case -- >> same man. against this officer this report says another officer was falsely arresting and impressing someone. that lawsuit is still pending. it's digging into the background of this individual as it is so often people dig into the background of the victim. >> which is why i'm saying the police commissioner saying race was not a factor. we don't know any of that until all of what we know about the background of this policeman was. here is a guy who clearly has been questioned before on civil rights grounds.
8:22 am
so we're not rushing to judgment. we're not going let the police rush to judgment either. we're not going let them take their time. >> the nypd president released a statement regarding the officer. he said the department's modification of this officer under these circumstances is completely unwarranted. knee jerk reaction for political reasons and nothing more than is a bad decision by the department that is absolutely wrong because the officer has been taken off his assignment. knee jerk reaction? >> it's an officer that had lawsuits, civil rights lawsuit, one pending now an imprisonment, thank god it was taped and we salute that young man that taped it. on tape after 11 pleas, i can't breathe and this knee jerk? no, i think they would have been ajerk if they haven't done something. >> 6:00 p.m. eastern on politics nation. thank you very much. as trev mentioned, the young ma
8:23 am
that took the video, his name is ramsey. he's a friend of eric garner. the man on the video in that choke hold, apparent choke hold. he's with me now. thank you very much for your time. >> thank you. >> i cannot imagine what you must feel. this is your friend, and you watched all of this play out. tell me the moment you knew you needed to tape what was happening in front of you. >> as soon as they came out the car i knew i needed it tape something because eric was harassed by the same officers plenty of time. >> you pulling out your camera to record this was based on other incidents you were aware of? >> yes. >> tell me about the incidents. >>well, he's been harassed by the same officer just for sta standing in the same area, and they're just going off his past. and they know to jump out on him. so i decided to pull out my
8:24 am
camera and record it. >> you were there. you're taking the video and you see the officer pull him down to the ground. when did you know your friend was in trouble? >> when his arm stood out straight and i seen his eyes roll back and foaming from the mouth. >> ramadi, did thsey, did they were close enough and taping it? >> yes. they kept trying to make me move back. >> did they try to get you to put down the camera? >> yes. >> what did they say to you? >> they told me it's a crime and special investigation for me to get off the scene. if not i was going to be arrested. >> did they try take your camera at any point? >> no. >> so you had the camera rolling. they told you to move away from the scene. but from the video, it appears you stayed near there. >> yes. i actually lied and told them i lived there. that's what made me stay around
8:25 am
the area. >> what were people around there doing? were you able to hear the crowd yelling at the officers that, you know, mr. garner was in trouble. what did you hear? >> everybody just screaming to take the cuffs off him. put oxygen mask on his face. do some type of cpr. everybody's concern was his breathing. >> could you hear him say those words now that have been chanted at the rallies for him "i can't breathe." >> yes. >> you heard him? >> yes. >> did you believe his life was in danger at that point? >> yes. >> when he was eventually put on that gurney, pulled up, and appears, in the video, lifeless what were you thinking? >> i was lost. i mean, i wasn't surprised for nypd to do such a thing. i've seen it happen before. and i was a little scared due to the fact that i was filming.
8:26 am
>> so you were afraid that police would turn their attention to you ma? >> yes. >> whether you lon you look bac tape and decided to go public, were you worried or you felt like this is what you needed to do because of what you saw happen to eric garner? >> i was worried a little bit, but i'm happy that this has brought out the way it did. because now all the bad and evil that the police officers are doing is being exposed. >> when you think about eric, your friend and his children and his family and the people like yourself who know him and say he's a good guy, with you look at how he died there, how do you explain it? >> it's wrong, and it should have never happened to him. he was the best guy in the world that i knew. and just helped everybody in the neighborhood.
8:27 am
he didn't deserve to die that way. >> do you believe there will be justice for eric? >> yes. >> thank you so much for your time, ramsey. again, so many people have said you are a hero for staying there. and standing with your friend. as you admitted you were afraid and for bringing this video to light so there is a proper investigation. thank you very much, ramsey. i know, it's difficult for you. we appreciate you coming. our thoughts and prayers are with the garner family and you as well. thank you. >> thank you. coming up a bold step to tackle domestic violence in the state of arkansas. the democrat running for governor unveiled a major plan after a mother of three is murdered. even though she had a protective order against her alleged killer. up next i'll talk live with the candidate. plus in today's first read. a surprise win in the republican runoff fin georgia. here is a look what is
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where memories will be forged into the sand. and then hung on a wall for years to come. get out there, with over 50,000 hotels at $150 dollars or less. expedia. find yours. as november approaches, polls shows the governor's race in arkansas remains one of the closest in the nation with candidates separated by less than 5 points. the race is getting new attention nationally after democratic candidate mike ross unveiled a bold and aggressive plain aimed at attacking domestic violence. arkansas consistently range ranks among the worst in the nation when it comes to men killing women. ross' plan calls for specific police training, increasing funding for shelters, and creating a protective order data base for law enforcement and court officials.
8:32 am
this was inspired, in part, by the horrific, gruesome case in 2012 where 21-year-old laura was murdered by a man allegedly killed by her ex-boyfriend, who at the time, was already awaiting trial on two prior attacks against her. joining me now is mike ross. he joins us. thank you for your time. >> thank you. it's good to be with you, tam n tamron. >> what i read the details of laura's case. i don't know how anyone would not be stopped in their tracks by this. she had a protective order against her ex-boyfriend who was awaiting trial on charging stemming from two prior attacks against her. the ex-boyfriend was charged with violating a no contract order despite a record of escalading violence. her story ends with her being killed with her 4-month-old son at her side crying. so many women, i think, can
8:33 am
relate to this story of having this protective order and still feeling like they are under siege and they could be a victim at any moment. how does your plan help those people? >> well, i can tell you, tamron, i was inspired by laura's story that appeared in the huffington post. and it played a big role in me trying to do something about domestic violence and speaking up and making sure more and more people know that it really is a problem. it's a problem in arkansas, it's a problem across the nation, and it affects about one in four women. i think it's time that we start talking more about it and doing something about it. i'm proposing, you know, as part of my public safety plan protecting and empowering survivors of domestic violence. i want to do several things. one, you know, women have these orders of protection to protect them, and that's what laura had was an order of protection.
8:34 am
this man had beat her twice before. his charges -- court dates were spending on the charges from before. yet, he was free on bond and allegedly killed her. something, i think, could have been prevented. we need a statewide data base. so all law enforcement, judges, and folks in the legal community will have access to them to better protect women. secondly, we need an assessment so law enforcement are better trained and can recognize when they believe that a woman's life is in danger. we need to make it easier for women of domestic violence to terminate their lease agreements. a lot of them are stuck where they are because they have no way to get out of situation they're in. we need to make it easier to terminate a lease agreement so they can move. we need a program to ensure they have a confidential address so
8:35 am
someone who wants to do harm can't easily track them down. >> why do you think arkansas consistently ranks among the worst in the nation when it comes to men killing women? >> well, you know, a lot of it, i think, is domestic violence. we don't have enough numbers on domestic violence in arkansas. that's why i want the arkansas commission on child abuse, rape, and domestic violence to do a better job of collecting data and publishing an annual report so we get a better handle on it. we're not exactly sure how much domestic violence goes on. we know it's too much. what we know is that we're one of the top ten states in the country in terms of men killing women, which is typically an indicator of domestic violence. i'm trying to heighten the awareness of the issue, and i want to send a message loud and clear that in the state of arkansas, we're not going to tolerate domestic violence.
8:36 am
>> i understand laura's mother has been in contact with you. those are changes she backed and knows you were inspired by her daughter. your opponent announced a plan to spend a million a year to hire more probation officers in addition to 300,000 a year for programs for convicts among other things. overall, though, you have a mother who was taken from her family, from her child here. beyond these changes, and hearing the details of her story, what do you believe people need to know that they certainly won't believe you're doing this just because it's a political race right now. what is it about this emotionally that has you tied up in this case? >> well, first of all, you know, i have a public safety plan that includes addressing domestic violence, addressing child abuse. one in six children are either sexually or physically abused. that's something that we've got get a handle on and reduce as
8:37 am
well. congressman hutchison's public safety plan does nothing on the issues as it relates to domestic violence or child safety. so our plans are very much different. yesterday i had the opportunity to sit down with laura's mom, who is also named laura, and some other women who are survivors of domestic violence, and to hear their stories. all i can tell you i've been moved by this. i've been inspired to do something about it. for whatever reason politicians and those who seek office simply don't talk about. just as society doesn't talk about it. we need to talk about it a lot more. we need to address the need for shelters for these women who are abused. all i can tell you is this is not a political thing for me. this is not a partisan issue. this is not about democrats or republicans or independents. this is about how we treat one another. we're going send a message loud and clear in arkansas that we respect women and that domestic violence will not be tolerated.
8:38 am
hopefully i'll win the election and i'll have four years, hopefully, i'll have a legislature that will work with me to implement the plan and we can really make a difference. >> mike ross, thank you very much for your time, sir. >> thanks. a first-time candidate narrowly wins the republican runoff for senate in georgia. >> with my business career,ly prosecute the failed record of the last six year of barack obama. >> why the win is seen as a rejection of washington but an opening for democrats. a live report from capitol hill up for you next. and the new york giants under fire for hiring nfl star -- despite controversial comments he made about gays and lesbians. it's the "newsnation" gut check. [guy] i know what you're thinking-
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senate race that is considered the democratic's best chance for picking up the republican seat come november. it might have gotten a bit harder after david purdue narrowly defeated jack kingston in the republican primary runoff. purdue will face democrat michelle nun in the fall. neither has served as elective office. last night purdue tried to paint the upcoming referendum on president obama. >> i respect michelle nun. i respect her work. i respect her family. but when my business career i will prosecute the failed record of the last six years of president obama. joining me now casey hunt. another race where a lot of money will be put on the table. a lot of outside money as well. >> absolutely, tamron. this race is unique because, as you mentioned, it's a rare chance for democrats to potentially pick up a republican seat in the senate.
8:43 am
and with six seats required for republicans to take it back, that's pretty key. now david purdue's victory is a little bit -- makes michelle nun's path a little bit trickier in part because he ran as an outsider and he -- that's going keep michelle from being able to take her own sort of anti-washington, anti-incumbent message. and purdue acknowledged that or said as much in an interview i did a few months ago if you want to take a listen. >> would your argument against her? >> no. she's an outsider as well. you get in the background and the crisis of the day. the crisis today is a debt, economy, and jobs. i've got a 40-plus year business background. i think it bodes well in dealing with the crisis at hand. >> and that, of course, highlight michelle's challenge. she's going have to expand the lek trait in georgia. that's what democrats say is the main project. that's going to be a lot of african-american voters in atlanta and metro atlanta.
8:44 am
she has to walk the careful line of sort of, you know, reputuating president obama's policies because he's unpopular in the state while not saying so much to alienate the people she needs to show up for her. >> all right casey, thank you very much. coming up outrage over how people -- someone scaled the brooklyn bridge to replace the american flag with a version of it. what are the security concerns today? >> we're not going to surrounder to anyone taking over any monument. >> this is not the first security breach at the known terror target. we'll have the latest from new york. can take care of virtually all your important legal matters in just minutes. now it's quicker and easier for you to start your business, protect your family, and launch your dreams. at we put the law on your side. that's goohhh.o go right in your glove. see that? great job.
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pancreatic cancer. researchers at the yale school of public health recently showed that men and regularly who took a low dose aspirin regimen had nearly half the risk of getting pancreatic cancer. they stress people should consult a doctor before starting on any medication. well, new reason this morning to worry about security and surveillance at the nation's most prominent landmark as investigators try to figure out how flags atop the brooklyn bridge were vandalized. two american flags that were bleached white. it may not have caused physical concern but sparked concern about protecting potential terrorist targets in the country. we are at the iconic bridge with more. >> reporter: the bridge is one of new york's signature landmark. as you can imagine, a lot of people were upset at the sight of seeing two white flags flying over the bridge yesterday instead of the old red, white, and blue.
8:49 am
flag gate unfloolded in new yor. old glory was returned. after hours of flags bleached white were taken down. that's got a lot of people asking questions. for starters, post 9/11, how could anybody climb the heavily guarded brooklyn bridge past locked gate, and overnight put up not one but two white flags? no matter the motive, it's a matter of concern. i'm not particularly happy about the event. >> at this time, it appears it has no particular nexus to terrorism or politics. >> police say it began at 3:10 a.m. when security cameras recorded four or five people crossing the bridge. at 3:30 the lights illuminating the american flag flicker off and 12 minutes later the lights on the manhattan side go dark. around 5:30, as the sun was coming up, construction workers noticed the flags turned white. this earth cam video shows part of the caper. one moment the flag lights are
8:50 am
on. then off. covered up police say by food trays. the embarrassment comes as the city, mayor bill vacations in e adds to other recent profile slip-ups, both at one world trade center. last fall, three men climbed to the top of the tower and base jumped. >> can you tell us what happened? >> reporter: in march, a 16-year-old passed detection and made it to the rooftop, snapping photos for hours. >> it's just messed up and it's wrong. >> reporter: every day, more than 130,000 people cross this bridge. that leaves the question for a lot of folks saying if this is the city that never sleeps, how did this happen? a, why did it take so long for the white flags to be noticed and why did it take so long to have them taken down? >> a lot of questions. up next, new controversy over the new york giants'
8:51 am
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there's a lot going on this morning and here's something we just thought you should know. firearms maker beretta usa will move gun making out of maryland to tennessee. maryland's tough new gun laws prompted the gunmaker's action. that's something we thought you should know today. time for the gut check. the giants hired former player and super bowl star david tirey
8:55 am
as champion for marriage. he also said he'd trade his famous super bowl catch if it would stop homo next you'lls from being married. and just this month, tyree posted on his twitter page, my heart groans for the single christian women. and the giants say this goes beyond or against the positive work the team has done. so the giants released a statement saying in part tyre was expressing his personal view and it's not the view of the giants' organization. so what does your gut tell you? do you agree with the giants' decision to hire david tyree? you can always leave a comment. we're going to show some of those tomorrow. that does it for this edition of
8:56 am
"news nation". i'm tamron hall. tomorrow, we will speak live with a mother who just received a plea deal to avoid jail time after she was arrested for leaving her two sons in a hot car while she was forced to go in for a job interview. she needed the job to take care of her children. we're going to talk to her about her ordeal. up next, "andrea mitchell reports."
8:57 am
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♪ the animals went in two by two ♪ ♪ the sheep and the frog and the kangaroo ♪ ♪ and they all went marching, marching in two by two ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] the nissan pathfinder, with intuitive four-wheel drive. an adventure worth sharing. nissan. innovation that excites. right now on "andrea mitchell reports," flight risk as violence continues to raise between israel and hamas today. the faa is expected to announce this hour whether it will extend its ban on 24-hour flights from the u.s. to tel aviv. secretary of state john kerry flew there today. >> we will continue to push this cease-fire. we will continue to push for president abbas and others in
9:00 am
the region in order to achieve it. and i can tell you that we have in the last 24 hours made some progress in moving towards that goal. >> some progress. returning home in the netherlands. a sad homecoming as the first plane arrives with the remains from mh-17. ♪ even as the investigation continues into who took down the passenger jet over rebel-held territory in eastern ukraine, today, smoke, flames, and charred wreckage littered the landscape once again with reports that two ukrainian fighter jets were shot down by pro-russian separatists. we don't yet know whom. plus, police hunt for whoever climbed the bridge. the brooklyn bridge to take down the stars and stripes and replace it with


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